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(International Soloist)

"Since I discovered Carbonium recently, I have performed every concert with it. The result is impressive; not only does it allow my Goffriler to ring with its usual warmth, sensuality and power, but it especially gives it extra resonance and projection. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Carbonium to every cello and cellist."


(Solo-Cello Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra / Professor at Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf)

"I am truly amazed of the difference that this endpin makes on the sound of my cello. First of all there is more resonance, I literally feel the instrument’s increased vibration and how this is transported to the floor and play on. There is also the effect it has on the production of overtones. Even while playing softly the sound of the cello reaches out much further to the back of the hall so I can afford a bigger range of colours without having to worry about projection. Bravo for the beautiful design as well!"


(Solo-Cello Orchestra of Valencia)

"Since I tried the spikes of Marta and Salvador, I didn't have any doubt that the result is unbeatable. After a long period of research, they have created a spike with a very special design that enables any cello to be richer in overtones, with a more balanced, warm and precise sound. Furthermore, I am very grateful for the fact that they let me live the process of construction so I could try every model that they had made. I would recommend without a doubt that all cellists try these spikes because I am sure that they will never use any other one."


(Co-Principal Spanish National Orchestra)

"Thanks to the Carbonium spike, I discovered a world of possibilities from the sound field of my cello. Thanks to its special construction it makes the overtones seem endless!"


(Solo-Cello Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra)

"CelliSticos’ Carbonium endpin completely changed the sound of my cello. The number of overtones increased and the sound of the instrument became clear and strong. I can warmly recommend the CelliSticos’ endpin to all those who want to get the most out of their instrument."


(Cellist at Jerusalem Quartet)

"Recently I found out about this quite amazing Carbonium cello spike and since the moment I started to use it, I’ve been enjoying playing my 1706 G.B. Ruggieri much more than usual...!

Many words had been said already about this spike, so I can just add that if you don’t want your cello to sound simply better, with fuller voice, richer overtones and much easier response... Don’t get this spike! Bravo Marta & Salvador!”

Kyril 2.jpg


(Cello Professor at Conservatorio Superior de Música of Castilla y León )

"The spike designed by CelliSticos is simply great. From the very first moment that you put it in your instrument you feel much more freedom in the sound and more resonance in a space that was completely opaque before. There is a feeling of total comfort thanks to the resonance and increased vibrations which is very remarkable to the performer as well as to the listener. The carbon fibre spike, with no doubt, gives an extra lightness and a more gentle sound to the instrument's nature."


(Professor at  N. Paganini Conservatorio di Genova / Solo-Cello  Festival Puccini Orchestra)

"The spike is optimal, fantastic! Special attention deserves the long duration of the sound and its resonance, which is full of overtones. I recommend everyone to try it, as the difference with a traditional endpin is truly considerable."

Lauri Kankkunen.jpg


(Co-Principal Spanish National Orchestra / Composer)

"I had the privilege to experience the evolution of CelliSticos from the beginning and to try all the models that they had been created. It is fascinating and admirable to see how much they care about every little detail with everything they make, always searching for excellence and ways of empowering the cello' s sonority.

The result is a performance experience which is both a luxury and a pleasure while enabling me to keep growing and evolving. Even now I keep finding colours, nuances and am able to overcome limits that were hidden or muted before. Furthermore, aside from the acoustic advantages, this kind of spike offers a smoother touch to the left and right hands.  It removes certain vibrations and softens the wolf-area, offering an extra ease and agility while playing as well as more freedom and fullness.

With all that said, I strongly recommend the Carbonium and Aurum to all cellists from students and beginners to professionals and soloists. It is impressive how much this accessory can improve the sound quality of the instruments!



(Solo-Cello Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra)

“The endpin really does matter! I’ve been playing with Carbonium since January and at least for me and my cello it has been 100% worth of its price. The feeling when playing with Carbonium is as if a heavy burden was taken away from your shoulders. The cello relaxes, the sound is freer and it carries better in a big hall. It also speaks easier and the dynamic range is expanded from both ends of the scale. So I only have positive things to say about Carbonium. I wish CelliSticos all the good things, they deserve it.”


(Cello Professor at Conservatorio Superior de Música of Castilla La Mancha)

“The endpins made by CelliSticos are exceptional! The cello gains in strength, overtones and projection, making the sound of my instrument much deeper, brighter and richer in overtones. Simply fantastic!”


(Solo-Cello at Sinfonia of Toronto / Professor at Royal Conservatory of Music)

"The Titanium Plus endpin from CellisSticos forced my cello to vibrate differently, resulting in rich overtones and a noble surrounding sound quality. As I inserted it the first time, I could detect the potentials right away but it took me more than a week before my instrument started to respond to my satisfaction. I tried it with other cellos as well, they all responded with an open sound and a refined tone.
It is a great investment, I highly recommend it!" 



(Solo-Cello Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra / Jackson Symphony Orchestra)

“My Carbonium endpin from CelliSticos has been one of my favorite additions to my instrument. The endpin has helped open up the sound of my cello, making it more resonant but staying very clear in tone. The overtones ring from this cello constantly giving you endless possibilities when shaping sound. You can truly feel the vibrations of the instrument coming through the floor no matter the type. I’ve found that my cello doesn’t take as much effort to play with the Carbonium, making it easier to get the sounds that I want. Having that freedom of sound is worth the price of the Carbonium! I look forward to continuing my journey with my CelliSticos endpin, playing concerts around the world.”


(International Soloist)

“In my opinion, Carbonium is a great discovery for all the contemporary cellists and violin makers. It increases the quality and functionality of modern and older cellos, giving them much more colors and resources. It provides a special sonority to the instrument, making it vibrate organically and facilitating the legato of the right hand, which feels more elastic and fluid. Furthermore, it makes it easier to model and manage the instrument with the left hand, helping the achievement of a wider and more relaxed vibrato.

Ultimately, the endpin has an elegant and light design which increases in a very clear way the possibilities of the instrument and the performer. Without a doubt I recommend it!”

Cremaine Booker.jpeg


(Solo-Cello Bilbao Symphony Orchestra)

"Carbonium makes my cello bring out more overtones and have a rounder and fuller sound without losing quality and sharpness on the articulation. It allows me to get the best sound out of my cello with less force, making it easier to play. I gained much more projection thanks to the Carbonium spike in chamber music halls, opera pits and big auditoriums."


(Spanish National Orchestra)

"Carbonium has been a great discovery to me and it has really improved the sound of my instrument, giving much more resonance and warmness to it, as well as more clarity in the articulation and amplitude in the dynamic range. Furthermore, it has completely removed the wolf of the G-String and has improved considerably the quality of the overtones. It is incredible the difference I have noticed since I play with it, thank you very much and congratulations for a wonderful work."


(Freelance Cellist)

"A fantastic endpin from CelliSticos on my Cesare Gigli from 1750: high quality construction, it opens the sound, and the company are a delight to deal with - friendly and very efficient - Thank you!"


(Head of the String Department at the Conservatorio de Música de Aragón / Associated of the Royal Academy of Music in London)

"The Carbonium spike allows a much more free vibration of the cello, the overtones break free from the instrument and it gains projection in a very clear way. The instrument gets a rotund sound, equally on hard floors and concert hall wood surfaces, giving a sensation of absolute freedom. With gut strings or metal, my 1746 Guillami sounds with much more power and quality, as well as the same for my modern cello, a 1998 Seyral. I played a great number of concerts with this spike and thanks to its stylish design and advanced acoustic qualities there's no turning back."



(Solo-Cello  Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife)

“The feeling while playing with my Carbonium endpin is unbeteable. It allows you to get a rounder sound, with more quality and sweetness, finding new tones and colors in every note and attack.”


(“Pablo Sarasate” Conservatory of Music / Cello Teacher and Head of the String Instruments Department)

"My congratulations to CelliSticos for successfully exploring the field of string instrument's innovation, and working with real effectiveness on the investigation of the sound potential of the cello! I have the privilege of playing with their AURUM endpin and I can assure that, in addition to provide an elegant design, the sound of my cello gains notably in harmonic richness.

The bass registers get more depth while the higher ones stand out for their clarity and projection. The sonority of my instrument is definitely more round, balanced and enveloping."


(Orchestra of Valencia)

"For any of us, cellists, getting an improvement of our instrument is usually a very laborious job. With Carbonium endpin model you immediately feel a plus of freedom of the sound of your instrument that provides, not only greater power and projection, but also, thanks to its greater quantity of harmonics, it facilitates the attainment of our interpretations.
I recommend you try this fantastic endpin and enjoy the instant improvement."


(Madrid Wind-Symphony Orchestra)

"The truth is that I do not know where to start, because all I can say are good things. From the first moment I used Carbonium, the sound I got is much cleaner and powerful, with a higher resonance of harmonics (really spectacular) and without losing a bit of quality. Every time I sit down with my instrument I discover new sound possibilities that make me enjoy and motivate me, having a more natural feeling without forcing when facing any passage. Congratulations to CelliSticos for the work and I highly recommend it to all cellists."

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