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Our Story

The story of CelliSticos began with my father Salvador Pelejero and myself. If somebody told us when we first started that we would eventually be presenting our cello spikes to the world, we wouldn't have believed it!

It all started in 2014, when I was studying a Cello Master's Degree at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf in Germany. I noticed that some cellists used very different and original models of spikes that attracted my attention and made me question how much this accessory affected the sound of the cello.

Just like every time I find a new gadget for my instrument, the first thing I did was call my father. He has a lot of experience in the production of percussion instruments and has a wonderful workshop at home, so he agreed to experiment. After making five octave marimbas and other music accessories, a cello spike wouldn't entail that much of a difficulty: so we could say that it all began from there.



We tried hundreds of different combinations, searching for the best sonority and balance of the instrument. With a lot of detail and determination (and with the invaluable help of many other cello colleagues), we tested every change that we were doing, from the design to the materials.  We also experimented with many different cellos in order to make sure that everything worked with the widest range of instruments. We tested so much that details such as the exact distance and position between the holes on the tube or the production materials were a bit of an obsession which almost drove us a bit crazy!

Luckily, along this exciting road, we found a model for which we are very proud, thanks to my father's technical and artistic skills. His design and fabrication ideas have created a spike that myself and other colleagues have yet to find better.

To conclude, I just wanted to tell you that here we present a family project, thought and meticulously made with a lot of passion in order to improve the sound and the comfort of every cellist. A project dedicated to all the “celliSticos” around the world who asked for our spikes and whose devotion to their instruments and selfless help along these years drove us here almost unwittingly. To all of you, thank you!

Marta Pelejero Pérez 

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